Frequently Asked Question

1Who are we?

We are manufacturers of premium quality sabudana/sago from high grade tapioca tubers.

2 What do we do?

We source the finest tapioca from the farmers and process them in our factory hygienically to produce premium quality sago.

3What makes LOTUS brand unique?

Hygienic manufacturing.

Uncompromised quality.

Premium quality sago at affordable cost.

Free from any form of additives or bleaching agents.

4 What is the shelf life of Sabudana?

12 Months

5 How Long After The Expiry Date Can Our Sabudana Need To Be Consumed?

Right away, Sago should not be consumed after shelf life date.

6 Where Can I Find Lotus Sabudana?

Lotus sabudana is available on Amazon and in stores near you.Please visit our product page. For distributorship call +91 8300094444.