Back in 1974, our visionary founder, Shri.P.Ramaswamy laid the foundation for our sabudana manufacturing journey.

Deep thoughts with a clear vision for the future

His motto continues to inspire us every day. His unwavering dedication to offering the best has become the cornerstone of our brand. We take immense pride in delivering Sabudana of exceptional purity, completely devoid of additives and whitening agents.

The Heart of Our sago: Pure Tapioca, no Compromises

At Lotus, we believe in delivering the purest and finest tapioca pearls to your table. Our commitment to quality begins right at the source – the tapioca tubers. When you choose us, you’re choosing authenticity, quality, and a commitment to your well-being. We’re committed to providing you with tapioca products that meet the highest standards, for you to enjoy them with confidence.

"Striving for excellence”

Get to experience the difference with every bite of our pure tapioca pearls.


Tapioca Tubers with Care

We start with finest tapioca tubers, but that’s not all. We go an extra mile by using automatic peeling machines to meticulously remove the cyanide-containing skin from the tubers. Why? Because your health and safety matters to us.

Uncompromised Excellence in Quality

It’s not about shortcuts or profit margins; it’s about delivering authenticity, high-quality sago that meets our rigorous standards.

No Artificial Whitening

Never compromising on the quality and letting nature do its work. Strictly no bleaching agents in our tapioca extract. Our sago is processed naturally, preserving original purity and nutritional value.

Zero Effect Zero Defect

Crafting premium tapioca sago without harming the environment, setting the standard for quality and sustainability.