Peeling Back the Truth: Why Tapioca Skin Removal Matters

At Bharath Sago factory, we believe in transparency and your well-being. That’s why we want to shed light on a crucial aspect of tapioca processing – the skin.

Why it Matters: Tapioca roots naturally contain a level of cyanide within their skin. This cyanide can be harmful if not removed before processing. Some manufacturing units, driven by profit, crush the tubers with the skin intact and rely on bleaching agents to whiten the tapioca extract.

Our Commitment: We take a different approach. We, at Bharath Sago factory, understand the importance of your health. We use automatic peeling machines and double check to ensure that every bit of tapioca skin is meticulously removed before processing. This extra step ensures that you receive tapioca pearls of the highest quality and safety.